Treatments and its Benefits

Foot Reflexology


Is the application of appropriate pressure to specific points and areas on the feet.

For all body healing affect., wonder treatment!  Hot towels will make all tension melt away, following massage and pressure points.  Full 50 minutes.         Es la aplicacion de apropiada presion de area de los pies.   Dejando todo el cuerpo aliviado.                                  

Face Head Neck and Sinus Treatment


Focused massage on the upper body.  Neck and shoulders, scalp, sinuses, face, and jaws that can impact your entire nervous system. leaving you energized from head to toe. 

full 50 minutes                                     Nos consentramos en la parte de arriba del cuerpo, el cuello, hombros, la cabeza, y la cara las mandibulas dejando impactante el sistema vervioso.

Infrared Sauna and its benefits


It relaxes the muscles, great before  massage and burns more than 600 calories in one session. It detoxifies your whole body and much more.

$25 extra with any of our treatment.          relaja los musculos,perfecto antes de masaje,  quema 600 calorias en una sesion.  y desintoxica el cuerpo entero.

Couples Massage


Enjoy time together in the same room, full body Massage for 90 minutes for $250.00 for both of you.  Disfruta en el mismo cuarto.

Full body exfoliation


The exfoliation  granules help to slough off dead skin, and the rubbing action itself boosts circulation and helps drain your lymph nodes.  full 50 minutes.    El exfoliaciones, limpia,suaviza y rejuvenece todatu piel.  

Lavender Body Wrap


A relaxing and detoxify body wrap with lavender aroma therapy massage. full 50 minutes                 Esta magnifica terapia reduce el stress, relajando todos tus musculos y estableciendo con esta la energia fisica y mental.

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